Information and output

It is obvious that exhibitions are one of the most important elements in the automotive industry, because they provide not only familiarization with new products and services, but also the exchange of experience, competent product pricing, sales and advertising policy.

Studying the technology of the company's participation in the exhibition, I came to the conclusion that such participation is quite a troublesome undertaking, associated with costs, all sorts of difficulties in transportation, installation of the stand, staff training, paperwork. Therefore, before making a decision to participate in the exhibition, it should be carefully considered, in order to avoid failure and pointless expenses.

In determining the items of expenditure, I have found that the main ones are the rental of exhibition space, and sound and lighting equipment. The estimate also includes the cost of staff catering and the work of designers.

The success of the exhibition for the exhibitor has nothing to do with the number of visitors: this indicator describes rather the success of the organizers.

Approximately 50% of success depends on the right preparation for the exhibition, and 25% depends on a competent working through of all post-event opportunities.

The organization of such events requires a high degree of professionalism, timely planning, qualified personnel, close cooperation of all employees of the enterprise, who are jointly responsible for the preparation and implementation of the participation of the enterprise in exhibitions or fairs.

In conclusion, we would like to try to make the following recommendation. A company should take part in trade fairs or exhibitions; if an inexperienced person thinks that such participation is nothing more than advertising, he is mistaken. Many people are more willing to place advertisements in magazines and on television, and, while spending more, they do not achieve the effect they would have at a trade show, where, in addition to the advertising campaign, the company receives a number of other benefits.