The New York Auto Show is the pulse of the auto industry, the main stage for world premieres and high-profile announcements. You don't have to follow automobile industry novelties all year long, but come to Manhattan in April, and all the trends will be at your fingertips. Hybrids and electric cars worry sellers and buyers less and less and are being replaced by large sedans, fast coupes and luxury all-terrain crossovers. Of the 12 major novelties of the New York Auto Show five cars represent class SUV, three can be called a sports car. And that's not counting the extended crossover Infiniti QX50 and American premiere of the supercar Ford GT, which were not on the list.

The other novelties are expensive business sedans developed specially for Americans. It does not matter if they are made in the USA or brought from Japan - the main thing is that they are designed especially for picky buyers from the States. As long as the "conquer America, conquer the world" rule works, the New York Motor Show remains the main trendsetter of the automobile market.