Special Lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall

Sponsored by
Hayashibara Museun of Natural Sciences &
SAGA (Support for African/Asian Great Apes)

Supported by
Hayashibara Museum of Natural Sciences &
Jane Goodall Institute Japan




Special lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall



Admission Free, Registration in advance is necessary.
Deadline for registration is Nov. 5, 2001.
Seats are available to the first 200 arrivals.

Date Nov. 17, 2001 15:00-17:00

Place Okayama International Center, Okayama, Japan
International Conference Room, 2nd floor
2-2-1 Hokancho
Okayama, 700-0026 Japan map

For registration, please send a double postal card to:with your
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The subject should be "Special Lecture Registration".

Sorry! We cannot accept registrations by e-mail.

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