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Nov. 16, 17
SAGA-2nd Symposium
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Nov. 18 - 20
COE Symposium
Nov. 21, 22
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Report on SAGA2/COE Joint International Symposium

"The Evolution of Apes and the Origin of Human Beings"

16-20 November, 1999, Inuyama, Japan

reported by Dora BIRO (Oxford Univ., UK)
and Tetsuro Matsuzawa (Kyoto Univ., Japan)

Boesch, Christophe
Hunting, Tools, and Sociality: A New Evolutionary Scenario for Chimpanzees and Humans

Boysen, Sarah T.
Moving Our Message beyond the Academy: The Significance of Understanding Chimpanzee Cognition and Its Role in Conservation.

Brockelman, Warren
New Findings and Models of Gibbons Social Organization, and Parallels with Humans

Coppens, Yves
Hominid Evolution and the Evolution of the Environment

Van Elsacker, Linda
Present and Future Bonobo (Pan paniscus) Research at the Royal Zoological Society of Antwerp (Belgium)

Ely, John J.
Genetic Variability among Chimpanzee Subspecies and the Implications for Biomedical Research

Erwin, Joseph Marvin (COE)
The Great Ape Aging Project: Contributions to Evolutionary Neurobiology

Erwin, Joseph Marvin (SAGA)
Great Apes in America: Present Status and Future Prospects

Fruth, Barbara
Genital-Contacts among Bonobo Females: Use and Proximate Function

Galdikas, Biruté
Paradise in Peril: The Orangutan Crisis and the Destruction of Borneo's Tropical Rainforests

Harcourt, Alexander
A Biology of Ape Extinction

Harrison, Terry

Matsuzawa, Tetsuro
Intelligence and Culture in Chimpanzees

Paabo, Svante
DNA Sequence Variation among Apes

Patterson, Francine
Words and Pictures: Use of Symbolism by Two Lowland Gorillas

Rumbaugh, Duane
The Apes and Us: Brain and Emergent Processes

Saitou, Naruya
Evolution of ABO and Rh Blood Group Genes in Primates

Savage-Rumbaugh, Sue
Probing the Realities of Ape Language

van Schaik, Carel P.
The Evolution of Material Culture: Insights from Orangutans

Shen, C.-K. James
Genomic Evolution of Primates

Thompson, Joan
Evolution of the Apes and the Origin of Human Beings

Tuttle, Russell
Are Human Beings Apes, or Are Apes People Too?

Wallis, Janette
Factors Influencing Sexual Behavior and Reproductive Patterns in Chimpanzees

Wrangham, Richard
On Human Bonding: The Search for a Unified Theory of Ape Evolutionary Ecology and Hunter-Gatherer Social Organization

Yamagiwa, Juichi
Social Flexibility of Gorillas: Some Implications for the Origin of Human Family

Copyright (C) 1999- COE International Symposium