Grass Rugs/Autumn Leaves

Grass Rugs at Kumamoto Sanctuary(KS)

We regularly mow the grass covered slopes and open areas at the Sanctuary, except during the cold season. Nothing smells better than fresh hay, it smells verdant! Chimpanzees love to lie on the fresh, dry hay; use them like rugs.

Autumn Leaves at Kumamoto Sanctuary(KS)

In the late fall and winter we frequently collect a lot of dry leaves fallen on our roads and scatter them on the ground in the outdoor enclosures. Chimpanzees like to lie down on the fresh leaf-carpet or make nests by scooping the leaves together. They also like searching for food pieces and seeds we occasionally scatter in the leaf-litter. Sometimes they throw a pile of leaves at each other to initiate play, chase or tease one another.

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